Are you frustrated by your hair loss? If so, you may have attempted to search online to find answers on what causes it. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of false information about hair loss, so you need to examine your sources before you believe everything you read. 

Hair Loss Myths

Here’s what some of the experts say are common myths about what causes hair loss.

Myth #1: Wearing hats causes baldness.

While it’s true that wearing a hat so tight that it causes an indentation on your head may cause damage to your hair follicles, casual hat wearing doesn’t cause baldness in itself. 

Time Magazine interviewed some of the top dermatologists in the field about this topic, and they said that on rare occasions, the materials or dyes used to make the hat might cause an allergic reaction, which may speed up hair loss. However, in all likelihood, those people were predisposed to losing their hair.

Myth #2: Baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family. 

A doctor from the Mayo Clinic says that baldness can be inherited from different genes from both sides of the family. Environmental factors also play a role. Quit blaming your mom and her relatives if you feel that your hair is thinning. 

Myth #3: Bald people have poor blood circulation on the scalp.

The UCLA Health website lists 13 possibilities of what causes hair loss, none of which includes poor blood circulation. In fact, dandruff, excessive hat-wearing, and poor circulation to the scalp are on their list of what does NOT cause baldness. 

Myth #4: Hair loss only happens with age.

According to Prevention Magazine, you are never too young to start losing your hair if you are genetically predisposed to go bald. We know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear.

Myth #5: One of the significant causes of baldness is everyday stress.

You may feel like pulling out your hair with all the stress in your life, but everyday pressures do not cause someone to go bald. Traumatic events may be one factor that causes hair loss, but getting stuck in traffic or dealing with a sassy teenager won’t cause you to lose your hair.

Myth #6: Only men suffer from hair loss.

Women also suffer from thinning hair, but they are typically better at hiding it than men. 

What causes hair loss?

If you can’t blame your cap, your mom, or your circulation for your thinning hair, what or who can you blame? Here are a few of the common factors that experts believe called baldness and thinning hair:

  • Change in hormones
  • Deficiency in iron or protein intake
  • Excess vitamin A intake
  • Illness
  • Protein or iron deficiency
  • Rapid weight loss

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